Gateway Theatre Box Office & Admin Office: Temporarily closed to the public. Our staff is working remotely until further notice. 
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Gateway Staff At Home Social Distancing

Gateway At Home

Gateway At Home

The Gateway Theatre's office team is currently working remotely. If you need to get a hold of us, you still can⁠—email is probably best, but we're all getting used to connecting via phone a lot more now, too!

Below is an overview of the team in their natural habitats.

Pictured: Greg Bricknell Koncan, Patron Services Manager, shown at his home workstation with a very keen helper!

Currently finding joy in: Sitting in the sunshine on my balcony, the newly found sense of community amongst all of the people in my apartment building and trying to teach my cats how to be respectful co-workers.

Pictured: Caitlin Fysh, Artistic Associate

Currently finding joy in: Dog walks, sunshine, spring’s unapologetic showiness, banging a pot out my window at 7pm, cooking and baking, bike rides to drop off the treats to friends throughout the city, snacking, work-break dance parties for one, chaotic Zoom get-togethers with family around the world, Jeopardy on Netflix.

Pictured: Mirjana Galovich, Director of Audience and Revenue Development

Currently finding joy in: What brings me joy at the moment is looking at the Lego Batman Dog my 6-year-old great-nephew gave me on my January visit to Serbia. As we were saying goodbye he told me “he will protect you."

Pictured: Elizabeth Ho, Development Manager, at her home workstation - we love the restful blue of the wall and the beautiful tulips!

Currently finding joy in: Watching the amazing sunsets each evening and having virtual Zoom happy hour parties with family and friends.

Pictured: Oona Iverson, Audience Services Supervisor, having a tea by her window. Her oft-neglected plants are thriving now that she’s home to take care of them!

Currently finding joy in: Live-streamed home workout videos, Netflix watch parties, Sam Neill's Twitter account, and the revival of phone calls as a means of social communication.

Pictured: Ruth McIntosh, Education Manager, at her brightly lit home workstation.

Currently finding joy in: Walks in my neighbourhood, motorcycle rides (the best way to self-isolate with others!), and visits with friends and family on virtual platforms.

Pictured: Barbara Tomasic, Director of Artistic Programs, shown here with her colour-coordinated assistant!

Currently finding joy in: As much as I miss connecting with the Gateway team in person, I'm really enjoying our daily Zoom calls.  It's wonderful to see everyone in their natural environment, and it's a lovely start to my daily routine.  What brings me joy is being at home with my pets, although I'm not sure they feel the same way, as you can see in this photo.  

Pictured: Wendy Tsui, Acting Marketing Manager

Currently finding joy in: My puppy, Chloe brings me joy (except when she barks during phone calls and meetings)!

Pictured: Samara Van Nostrand (Associate Manager) at her home work station. 

Currently finding joy in: Enjoying the sun, watching the spring flowers come to life and keeping in contact with family and friends.