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Gateway Academy Year-Long and Sessional Classes 2020/21: Classes are currently being redesigned to follow health and safety guidelines.

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Theatre Classes for Youth

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**You and your families' safety and well-being remain our top priority. We will be pausing our registrations for our Year-Long & Sessional classes while we redesign our classes to comply with BC Health Authority Guideline. In the meantime, please check out our Summer Camps. If you would like to be notified of when our Year-Long & Sessionals are open for registration again, please fill out our interest form. Thank you for your ongoing support and patience.**


秋冬季戲劇課程 • 秋冬季戏剧课程

Ages: 6–18 

At the Academy, we provide process-based learning in a safe, supportive environment in which our students will grow, and we train our students to strengthen the vital skills for vibrant self-expression. All classes are taught by our Gateway Academy instructors who are all professional working artists. 

Please read our Payment Information and Refund Policy prior to registering for classes. 

學年課程 • 学年课程
September 2020 - April 2021 (24 weeks)
All classes culminate in year-end presentations. 
Acting 演戲技巧 • 演戏技巧
Combine imagination with technique!
融入創意,把角色演繹得栩栩如生 • 融入创意,把角色演绎得栩栩如生

In this class, students develop acting skills integral to all theatrical disciplines including ensemble-building, storytelling, and character creation. Not only are students expanding their physical, vocal, and communication skills, but they are also learning transferable skills such as confidence, focus, listening, and trust-building. 

Introduction Level
Ages 6-7

Level A
Ages 8-10

Level B
Ages 10-13

Level C
Ages 13-18

Musical Theatre 音樂劇•音乐剧
Do it all-Sing, dance, and act.
發揮潛能,成為一個能歌善舞的多元化表演者 • 发挥潜能,成为一个能歌善舞的多元化表演者

Students become well-rounded performers in this class while being immersed in the world of musicals. Young performers build confidence as they command the stage exploring vocal techniques, choreography, and expressing lyrics musically and dramatically. 

Introduction Level
Ages 6-7
Level A
Ages 8-10
Level B
Ages 10-13
Level C
Ages 13-18

秋冬課程 • 秋冬课程
  • Fall Session: September – December (12 weeks)
  • Winter Session: January – April (12 weeks) 

Register for both sessions and save 14%!
All classes culminate in session-end presentations.

Speech 聲線技巧•声线技巧
Speak so people will listen.
建立自信,靈活運用聲缐來清晰的表達內容和情感 • 建立自信,灵活运用声缐来清晰的表达内容和情感

Students learn to use their voice with strength and confidence. In this class, students improve vocal technique and public presence while developing a greater sense of self-awareness.

Level A
Ages 8-10

Level B1
Ages 9-11

Level B2
Ages 11-13

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for students looking for more personalized attention.

Speech Private Lessons
Ages 8-18

Singing Private Lessons
Ages 8-18

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