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Special Events

All events are free with ticket, unless otherwise noted.

Pizza Preview | 7pm 
Enjoy a slice of pizza before the show provided by Boston Pizza Ackroyd. While quantities last.
Les Belles-soeurs - Sept. 27
Yoga Play - Feb. 7
GLORY - Apr. 4

Opening Night | Post-show 
Celebrate the opening of our show with the artists after the show along with refreshments and cake!
Les Belles-soeurs - Sept. 28
Empire of the Son - Nov. 9
It's a Wonderful Life - Dec. 7
Yoga Play - Feb. 8
Gross Misconduct - Mar. 15
GLORY - Apr. 5

Gateway Forum | 1 pm (Free and open to the public)
Join us for a discussion before the Sunday Matinee with a panel of experts as we discuss some of the themes and ideas related to our MainStage productions.
Les Belles-soeurs - Sept. 30 

Smash the Fourth Wall: Women on (and Back) Stage
From spotlight starlets to sharp stagehands, fabulous women make performances possible. Learn what it's like to work in theatre from women both centre stage and behind-the-scenes. The panelists include: Fay Ness, Susan Miyagishima, and Sherry J. Yoon. 

Yoga Play - Feb. 10 

She-E-O: When Leaders are also Women
Achieving a leadership position isn't easy, and maintaining one can be a whole new battle. Listen in as our trio of leaders examine obstacles, ascents, and advice. 

   Camilla Tibbs, Executive Director of Gateway Theatre
   Angie Hui, CEO of Dorset Realty Group
   Queenie Choo, CEO of S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

​GLORY - Apr. 7

You Play Like A Girl: Why We're Still Talking about Women in Sports
Women first competed in the Olympic games almost 120 years ago - but when it comes to gender equality in sports, the playing field is still far from level. Our industry experts discuss past fouls, modern strategies, and future goals.

Tea Matinee | 12 pm
Enjoy complimentary tea, coffee, and cake before the show generously provided by Gilmore Gardens & Courtyard Gardens, and Anna's Cake House.
Les Belles-soeurs - Oct. 2
It's a Wonderful Life - Dec. 11
Yoga Play - Feb. 12
​GLORY - Apr. 9

Afterplay | Post-show
What did you think of the show? We want to hear what you have to say so come join us for an informal discussion after the show to share your thoughts with us and others! 
Les Belles-soeurs - Oct. 3 & 6
Empire of the Son - Nov. 14 & 16
It's a Wonderful Life - Dec. 12 & 14
Yoga Play - Feb. 13 & 15
Gross Misconduct - Mar. 20 & 22
​GLORY - Apr. 10 & 13

Talkback Thursday | Post-show
After the performance, join us for an intimate Q & A conversation with some of the actors. This Talkback is your chance to ask questions and gain insight into the play you've just seen.
Les Belles-soeurs - Oct. 4
Empire of the Son - Nov. 15
It's a Wonderful Life - Dec. 13
Yoga Play - Feb. 14
Gross Misconduct - Mar. 21
​GLORY - Apr. 11

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