Gateway Theatre Box Office & Admin Office: Temporarily closed to the public. Our staff is working remotely until further notice.
Gateway Academy Sessional Classes 2020/21: Classes are in session. Registration is now closed.

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We Are Here for You

We Are Here for You

Dear Patrons,

I wanted to give you an update on where things currently stand at Gateway. At the moment, we have a core staff of 17 still working for the company, predominantly from home. The team has transitioned well to this format, and there are lots of great things happening – including the fact that we were able to complete our April Academy classes virtually via video-conferencing, with pretty amazing results!
As you are likely aware, there has been construction happening at the theatre for almost a year, and it’s still underway. For some time, we have known that it would continue through the fall, so we had already planned a shorter season of shows for 2020/2021, starting in December instead of October. This puts us in a fortunate position as we have quite a bit of time between now and our next anticipated performance, during which we hope the health crisis will run its course.
At the moment, we are proceeding with our plans for our shows and Academy classes plus rentals. However, there are a lot of unknowns, so we are holding those plans lightly. We don’t know when social distancing and bans on gatherings will end or what implications the pandemic might have for grants and other revenues. Therefore, with everything we are undertaking, we are conscious that we might need to pause, change direction or rethink at any point.
For the time being, we are moving ahead as best we can under the circumstances and looking forward to welcoming staff, artists, Academy students and the public back to Gateway.

Executive Director, Gateway Theatre