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Anne of Green Gables - The Musical VOCAL EYE

Anne of Green Gables - The Musical TM 

Book by Donald Harron
Music by Norman Campbell
Adapted from the novel by L. M. Montgomery
Directed by Barbara Tomasic

December 30, 2022


What is Audio Description (VocalEye)?
“Audio Description” or “Live Description” refers to descriptions of the visual elements of a performance or event that are spoken live and in real-time to listeners with vision loss.

VocalEye’s described performances begin ten minutes before the show, with a brief introduction to the characters, costumes and locations. Once the show begins, important visual details and physical actions are described between the lines of dialogue. All descriptions are voiced live and in real-time by a trained Describer.

Only VocalEye users can hear the description through a small handheld receiver and single earpiece that can be worn on either ear. Equipment can be picked up from the VocalEye table in the lobby up to one hour before the show starts. Users are welcome to bring their own earbuds or portable headphones.

VocalEye typically describes only one performance in the show’s run. Learn more on VocalEye's website.

How much do VocalEye tickets cost?
VocalEye tickets cost the same as regular tickets. VocalEye users do not need to pay for a companion ticket, if needed. Gateway Theatre offers a free companion ticket for VocalEye seats.

How do I book my VocalEye ticket and/or companion ticket?
Visit the ticket purchasing page. Enter the code VOCBOOK in the promo code box. This will unlock the seats reserved for VocalEye patrons. Select the seat you want and check out as normal.

If you will be attending with a companion, enter the code VOCCOMP to redeem your 100% free companion seat. 

Both codes are valid for our December 30th showing only. 

If you are experiencing any issues with booking your ticket, please call our Box Office at 604.270.1812 (open Mon, Wed, Fri, 10AM - 3PM) and we will be happy to assist you.