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While we are working on our upcoming season, we still have many community offerings happening in our theatre! Please note our Box Office is currently online only. Tickets can be purchased online HERE. If you have any ticketing inquiries, please email

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Thank You for Giving



Dear patrons, supporters, and friends of Gateway Theatre,

We’ve been together through many celebrations and wonderful seasons. Now, we are weathering a health crisis that is having a devastating impact on all of us.

And while we are grappling with the new reality, we also invite you to remember this: arts and culture are critical to the health of our communities. Arts help us stay connected to our humanity and to each other.

Artists and arts organizations are not the only stewards of creativity, strength, and connection in communities. You can be, too. Integrating the arts into our lives enriches each of us, and because engaging in the arts brings individuals together, it fosters community. Art and artists aren't only in theatres or concert halls -- they are all around us. Every one of us has the ability to create and to imagine a way to make our community healthier or stronger.

To do so, we’d like to encourage you to please DONATE to Gateway Theatre if possible for your individual situation. The arts sector has been severely impacted as we had to cancel performances and events. This affects the livelihood of all our artists, crew and administrative team.

We’re all in this together, so if you have the capacity, do what you can to help Gateway Theatre stay strong and weather through the other side a little easier. We look forward to being here to celebrate again with you.